11 Jun 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Kevin Posey and Mazbou Q team up on thought-provoking track ‘Your Shine’

From RNZ Music, 10:00 am on 11 June 2020

RNZ Music is proud to present the new track from US-born singer-songwriter and producer Kevin Posey and Aotearoa-based hip-hop artist Mazbou Q. ‘Your Shine’ is an empowering anthem from Kevin’s upcoming album BREATHE, which is out on June 19.

‘Your Shine’ features New Zealand artists Kirsten on vocals and Jarni Blair on guitar.

Released as millions around the globe stand together in solidarity with the black community in America, ‘Your Shine’ has a poignant and timely message about loving the skin you’re in.

“Growing up in the US I faced a heavy amount of racism, racial profiling, harassment by the police and being treated poorly by my peers based on the colour of my skin,” Kevin Posey says.

“Growing up and learning my true self, I found that I was above the negative images that society painted me as. This song captures the before, during and after finding true love for yourself.”

Mazbou Q, Kirsten and Kevin Posey in the single artwork for 'Your Shine'

Mazbou Q, Kirsten and Kevin Posey in the single artwork for 'Your Shine' Photo: Supplied

The video for ‘Your Shine’ is a powerful and thought-provoking reinforcement of the song’s message. Filmed in Auckland, it features Kevin, Mazbou and Kirsten.

“What if we had the capability to look in the mirror and communicate words of affirmation to our younger, heartbroken, vulnerable, confused, scared and underprivileged selves,” Kevin says.

The video depicts the image of a black man in a suit paralleled by the same man in handcuffs – a scene which Kevin says he found extremely difficult to film.

“For every black man that has been wrongfully accused, killed while in handcuffs, and knowing it would be hard for my mum to see it, was heavy. It was also necessary for the song; the message and for the culture.

“To show the image of a black man in a suit paralleled by him in handcuffs paints a picture of what happens so frequently – an upstanding black man who is put in handcuffs just by the colour of his skin,” Kevin says.

Kevin Posey

Kevin Posey Photo: Supplied

“It speaks to all black people who have lived in survival mode since their days of comprehension.”

With a throwback 70s vibe, ‘Your Shine’ evokes the feeling of a warm summer’s day in Southern California, which is where Kevin was living when he first created the song’s beat.

It was when he spent time living in New Zealand that he met Nigerian-Kiwi hip-hop artist, rapper and producer Mazbou Q, that the song started to take form. 

“Mazbou Q heard the beat during a recording session … and caught a vibe to it. I liked the idea of working the track instead of leaving it as an instrumental.

“Weeks later we had a writing session at his studio and we co-wrote the hook for ‘Your Shine’. As we were wrapping up the session Mazbou asked if we could get Kirsten on the track to sing the bridge,” Kevin explains. 

Hailing from Oklahoma, Kevin’s musical style is a combination of multi-genre melodic pop sounds. He’s known for infusing English and Spanish lyrics within his records.

Auckland-based Mazbou Q is a UK-born Nigerian rapper and producer.

Formerly known as Unchained XL, he started his music career as the frontman of a metal band, but switched to hip hop in 2016. His music is unapologetically political too, with songs about anti-racism and black empowerment. 

‘Your Shine’ is from Kevin’s upcoming album BREATHE, which will be released on June 19. The record features NZ artists Mazbou Q, Scizzorhands, Kirsten, Manuela, Kédu, Lily Jackson, Latafale and Leea Lamatoa.

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