23 May 2020

Live: Soaked Oats at The Others Way 2019

From RNZ Music, 2:05 pm on 23 May 2020

Soaked Oats is a four-piece indie-rock band from Dunedin who have been described as 'a southern stew of Kurt Vile with a good shake of Kevin Morby and Mac De Marco'.

Soaked Oats formed in 2017 and have released several EP's of music that effortlessly alternates between moody, anthemic soundscapes and cheeky high-energy rock.

Let's visit the Mercury Theatre in Auckland, one of the many venues spread across Auckland's K-Road for 2019's The Others Way Festival.

Performing in top hats and tails for their first ever theatre show, here is Soaked Oats live.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

The songs performed are: 'Houdini', 'Shuggah Doom', 'Gum-15', 'My Mud Your Shoes', 'Coming Up', 'Driftworld', 'Don't Chew', 'Apricot Jam'.

Sound production by Andre Upston for RNZ Music

Soaked Oats live at the Mercury Theatre.

Soaked Oats live at the Mercury Theatre. Photo: Liam Costley