28 Dec 2019

The Mixtape Robyn Malcom

From RNZ Music, 4:00 pm on 28 December 2019

Choosing this week's RNZ Mixtape is Robyn Malcolm – best known for her onscreen role as bogan matriarch Cheryl West in TV’s Outrageous Fortune. She shares the songs that have endured through her stage and screen career.

Head shot of a blonde haired woman wearing a dark blue shirt

Head shot of a blonde haired woman wearing a dark blue shirt Photo: Robyn Malcolm

Just Before It's Too Late - Shona Laing

I just adore this song, I have such vivid memories of driving around the Highlands of Scotland listening to this and remembering what our country feels like.

 I spent the good half of year living in there with my boyfriend at the time, and the album we played all the time was Shona's album New on Earth.

I knew every song backwards and it just made me miss New Zealand so much.

Dreams and Aspirations - Emma Paki

It was early on in Shortland Street [Robyn played nurse Ellen Crozier] and I remember this album came out of nowhere and I was utterly entranced by Emma's voice.

I've always though that emotional expression is 'you laugh, you cry and then you sing'.  There's something so incredibly authentic, raw and honest in this little song.

Maybe I was going through a break up, cos I remember listening to this song and it making me cry all the time.

Get Along - Fur Patrol

I've always been a huge Julia Deans fan. She just blows me away, she's just a phenomenal musician and beautiful songwriter and has the most extraordinary voice - she's got a huge range.

She's got real fire and this song really fun rock and roll.

Calling Card - The Broken Heartbreakers

I feel like this song has got that slightly Latin American feel to it. It's terrifically romantic as a song but the lyrics are quite straight forward.

'Go way and take your sh*t' is such a great lyric! 

Imagining My Man - Aldous Harding

This is such a beautiful piece of music and I haven't been able to get it out of my head all year.

I sing it in the car, I sing it the shower, in the kitchen.

This song is just a world class, contemporary love song. 

The Dogs - Negative Nancies

I saw this band and I just fell in love with them. They are just interested in sound exploration, there's homage to punk sounds and punk rhythms. There's some good Dunedin fury in them - they're from Dunedin.

You have to stick with this one, it's very soundscapey. It's a good challenge to end my mixtape with.


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Label: Epic Records  

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