29 Nov 2019

40 Years of Bad Religion

From RNZ Music, 4:15 pm on 29 November 2019

Founding member and Bass player for Bad Religion, Jay Bentley talks to Elliott Childs about keeping the L.A punk band going for 40 years.

Veteran L.A punk band, Bad Religion

Veteran L.A punk band, Bad Religion Photo: Supplied by NicNak Media Ltd

Jay Bentley's advice to any band looking to replicate Bad Religion's 40 years of existence? "Make your mistakes early".

Ahead of the band's December 4th show at the Power Station in Auckland, founding member and bass player Bentley spoke to Elliott Childs about how Bad Religion find the energy to keep playing so fast and Into The Unknown, the prog-rock album that nearly destroyed the band in the mid 1980's.