19 Jul 2019

Friday Night Live: Melodownz

From RNZ Music, 8:30 pm on 19 July 2019

Here are highlights of several sessions performed by Polynesian urban poet and artist Melodownz for RNZ Music.


Melodownz Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Melodownz plans to "take over the world one rhyme at a time" with his languid funk-jazz rap and insightful and thoughtful rap.

First we join Melodownz in a couple of earlier collaborations. First, Third3ye with Angelo King.

Here is Third3eye from a Music 101 session in August 2016 with their songs ’Old Soul’ and 'Feet 5':

High Beams includes Melodownz, Raiza Biza and Illbaz performing two songs, one also featuring the legendary Che Fu.

These songs are from Melodownz’s latest EP release ‘Melo and Blues’, one song with a guest appearance by Troy Kingi.

And you can hear Bailey Wiley with her song ‘Sugar’ featuring Melodownz: