15 Jul 2019

VIDEO PREMIERE: Ed Waaka - ‘War on the Street’

From RNZ Music, 10:00 am on 15 July 2019

The new video from Auckland singer-songwriter Ed Waaka was shot in his childhood neighbourhood of Belmont. ‘War on the Street’ is a reminder that “love and empathy are the way forward” in challenging times.

‘War on the Street’ is Ed Waaka’s response to the current social issues facing New Zealand, in particular, those faced by Māori communities.

“Māori communities make up a majority of NZ’s worst statistics including poverty, incarceration, mental illness and suicide. Being a 34-year-old Māori male, the song is a reflection of my personal experience.”

The video for ‘War on the Street’ – directed by Matiu Sadd – attempts to capture the idea of gentrification. It’s shot in Ed’s childhood neighbourhood of Belmont on Auckland’s North Shore.

“By coincidence, the street Matiu had chosen was one I used to live on. It was primarily made up of Armed Forces housing and was where my parents moved to after joining the Navy.

“The house I used to live in, 1 Hillary Crescent, had been completely demolished, along with all the surrounding houses, apart for a remaining few.

“For me returning to an area that held fond childhood memories and seeing it demolished in the name of progress resonated with me,” says Ed. “It was a humbling experience.”

Ed’s been releasing singles sporadically since 2015, as well as collaborating with local electronic artists including Dan Aux, Faster Than Light, Colours of Jupiter, and MC Tali.

‘War on The Street’ is Ed’s return to his singer-songwriter roots and is the first of a number of singles that will form his upcoming EP due out in early 2020.

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