7 Dec 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: Paige 'Alignments'

From RNZ Music, 11:55 am on 7 December 2018

21-year-old singer and songwriter Paige Tapara has been performing since she was 7. 'Alignments' is her second single and RNZ Music is proud to be premiering it.

South Auckland singer Paige has a stunning voice, which she’s been sharing with the world via YouTube for a couple of years now.

She records covers of artists including Destiny’s Child, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars, as well as her own music. Her first single ‘So Far’ has been viewed over 22,000 times.

Earlier this year, Paige’s music caught the attention of American electro-pop prodigy Billie Eilish, who promptly shared it with her 9 million Instagram followers.

Paige’s ‘Alignments’ video was filmed in rural Helensville in an abandoned church, which is currently being renovated. The old church sits in the middle of a wide open paddock near Woodhill Forest.

‘Alignments’ and Paige’s first single ‘So Far’ will both appear on her upcoming EP which is due out on the new year.
Paige appeared on Jesse Mulligan’s First Song earlier this year and performed ‘So Far’ live.