14 Aug 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: 'Lizard Brain' by All Seeing Hand

From RNZ Music, 8:00 am on 14 August 2018

RNZ Music is excited to be the first to share the psychedelic and wonderfully unsettling video for 'Lizard Brain' by Wellington experimentalists All Seeing Hand.

All Seeing Hand have recently released their fourth album Syntax ErrorTo celebrate, they put together this vid with the same team that created the unnerving 'Cro-Magnon Corp'.

'Lizard Brain' and 'Cro-Magnon Corp' are both from the band's 2016 album Sand To Glass.

What the band say about their new vid:

Director Aurs Illojgali has created a psychedelic exploration of greed and guilt (or lack thereof); Lizard Brain is not about any conspiracies of alien world domination, but a reflection on a more toxic worldview that uses supposed Darwinian laws to justify exploitation, domination, and morally dubious systems, as inherently ‘human’.

The All Seeing Hand challenges this cynical argument and believes that the evolution of thought is something we can consciously achieve; contrary to the evolutionary tripe spouted by a feeble elite, the lizard brain is awake.
As Ursula Le Guin said “We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.” While we do not know the past misdeeds of the person portrayed by Jamie Harrison, we can hope that his self-reflection brings him closer to a new humanity.
The confined world of a sprawling luxury home, where the internal is the only escape, was created by Nathan Taare (ENT), Cooki Martin (Strange Stains), and Erica Sklenars (Lady Lazer Light); all three have collaborated extensively with the All Seeing Hand, on video, for live shows, and in general support and inspiration, they are practically a part of the band.

Aurs Illojigali is a director with the skills to pull together everyone’s ideas and present a cohesive, and rhythmically punchy, whole. The All Seeing Hand are proud to call these exceptional talents friends.

  • All Seeing Hand: Syntax Error
  • All Seeing Hand

    All Seeing Hand Photo: Nic Staveley

    Lizard Brain by The All Seeing Hand (2018)

    Directed by Illojgali: instagram.com/illojgali
    Starring: Jamie Harrison


    Cooki Stains: https://strange-stains.tumblr.com/

    Nathan Taare: http://taareart.tumblr.com/

    Erica Sklenars: https://www.instagram.com/ladylazerli...

    Brain Jewellery by Rani Ella Strigsdottir: https://www.bansheethevalkyrie.com/

    With thanks to:

    Rob Guthrie, Jessie Kola Kitto, Hannah Larkin, Alex Christodoulou & the inhabitants of Kaka Mountain

    From the album 'Sand to Glass'
    A new album "Syntax Error" is available here: https://the-all-seeing-hand.bandcamp

    Filmed in virtual opulence and reality
    Funded by NZ On Air

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