6 Jan 2018

Summer Jams: Steph Brown AKA Lips chooses her favourite summer song

From RNZ Music, 1:00 pm on 6 January 2018

Our favourite local musicians share the song that's their soundtrack to summer. Steph Brown AKA Lips picks ‘Midnight’ by Jesse Ware.

Name: Stephanie Brown (Lips)

See her play: Tuki Festival (Wanaka)

Goals for 2018: Make the best movie we can make!

Summer gripe: What is with having to pay extra for tomato sauce at the fish and chip shop!!!!!!!! You're CHARGING for tomato sauce??? It's a condiment. What's next, salt and pepper??? Sincerely, Stephanie@gripes.com

Favourite summer jam: If it's a good bagel then I LOVE a toasted bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam. But it has to be a good bagel. None of this bread dressed up as a bagel nonsense.

Lol, no - favourite summer jam, as in song! Jessie Ware - ‘Midnight’

Why: “I really liked this song as soon as I heard it. Each section had a new surprise in it for me, and it also has this kind of ‘Benny and the Jets’ swagger that I really like. It kinda has this 90s RnB thing in there as well. I just really like the songwriting.”​

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Photo: Courtesy of LIPS