6 Jan 2018

Summer Jams: Eddie Johnston (Lontalius) chooses his favourite summer song

From RNZ Music, 2:50 pm on 6 January 2018

Our favourite local musicians share the song that's their soundtrack to summer. Eddie Johnston, who records as Lontalius and Race Banyon picks 'Telefono' by Phoenix.

Name: Eddie Johnston (Lontalius, Race Banyon)

See him play: Not this summer. Fingers crossed for next!

Goals for 2018: I want to finish and release a great second album but mostly I want to get a dog. I'm struggling to think of a way I can get a dog without being a bad dog parent but I really want a dog.

Summer hack: Sun block in bag ALWAYS

Summer ice block of choice: Choc Bar ice creams make me feel like a child but those fancy Magnum ones make me feel successful. Perhaps both?

Favourite summer jam: Phoenix - ‘Telefono’

Why: “It’s one that I really love … The whole album is Italian-themed, which is a lot of fun. But I think it has a very sentimental kind of feeling, especially because they’re French ... I think they’re dreaming of a different life ... they haven’t experienced. There’s kind of levels of dreamy-ness to the album.”

“This song was my favourite from the album because it’s really sweet and it’s a bit off-kilter. It’s just one loop for five minutes or however long it is, with quite cute lyrics.”


Lontalius Photo: Rob Burrowes