6 Jan 2018

Summer Jams: Estère shares her favourite summer song

From RNZ Music, 2:30 pm on 6 January 2018

Our favourite local musicians share the song that's their soundtrack to summer. Wellington beat-maker Estère's pick is Vulfpeck's 'Back Pocket'.

Name: Estère

See her play: Nostalgia Festival, Christchurch, or playing support for Grace Jones in Queenstown on March 2nd.
Goals for 2018: I would like to start trying my hand and producing more songs for other people. 

Summer hack: Take Monopoly Deal and a mini-chess set wherever you are going.

Favourite summer jam: Scone, with coconut oil, jam and a bit of coconut yoghurt. I'm all about the coconut in summer! 

Lol, no - favourite summer jam, as in song! 'Back Pocket ' by Vulfpeck

Why: “When you said summer, this song is very bright, almost like a jingly melody. It made me feel like there was sun streaming off of it, so I thought it was a fitting song to choose.”


Estere Photo: Ezra Simons/Gussie Larkin/RNZ