25 Nov 2017

Taxi DJs share the sounds they love in a unique music experience

From RNZ Music, 3:00 pm on 25 November 2017
Taxi DJ Manvender Pundir

Taxi DJ Manvender Pundir Photo: Richard Tindiller

Who are the drivers behind the wheels of our taxis? What music are they into? Where are they from? These are all questions on the mind of Yadana Saw, as she heads to After Hours: Taxi DJ to meet the Wellington taxi drivers sharing their favourite tunes with passengers.

Nureddin Abdurahman came to NZ from Ethiopia and tonight he's sharing his favourite Oromo language music.

He and explains what his chosen song is about: "This song is talking about the diaspora that has left the country and how they should be connected back."

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Photo: Supplied

"[The vocalist] is talking about women, singing 'You left the country, did you leave my heart as well? Why are you not loving me anymore? I thought you left the country, not my heart.'

"So he's indirectly saying to the diaspora, 'We still love you, the country still loves you, why are you not coming back to contribute?'"

Another drive, Manvender Pundir (pictured above), has chosen 'Lagi Lagi' from the Bollywood film Aksar and explains why it's his top pick.

"This song is actually from one of my favourite actors, Emraan Hashmi. He does the best romance. He is the best kisser in Bollywood. I did actually study his style ... and it does work. I think that's why directors and producers take him in their movies."

Hopping from taxi to taxi, chatting to friendly drivers and soaking up the sounds from around the globe, is a unique way to experience music and have some great yarns.

"If you want a good conversation and want to be involved, get in the front seat," advises Wellington Green Cabs Area Manager, Rob Wheeler.

He's showcasing artists such as David Bowie, Rolling Stones and Tom Waits, on his so-called 'Dad Music' playlist.

He adds that 'asking nicely' will get taxi drivers to 'bend over backwards and do whatever you like'. Perhaps even playing whatever obscure music you might want to hear as you're being driven around.