4 Nov 2017

Neil and Liam Finn have an album but need a band name

From RNZ Music, 1:15 pm on 4 November 2017
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Neil and Liam Finn are making an album together for the first time. They sit down to share the journey with us and discuss their upcoming January tour of small-town community halls all over New Zealand.

Liam Finn played guitar with his father's band at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall at the age of 14.

Twenty years and a successful solo career later, and he and his father Neil (whose solo career has also been pretty successful) have teamed up to make an album together.

They're going to share the music on their upcoming 'Where's My Room?' tour which is travelling to small town halls in provincial New Zealand throughout summer, before delivering us the album in March 2018.

The music is ready, the band are waiting in the wings, now all they need to work out is what they are going to call themselves.