9 Sep 2017

Anabel Jamieson wrote a song about her dog

From RNZ Music, 1:30 pm on 9 September 2017

Anabel Jamieson is year 9 at Samuel Marsden Collegiate, Wellington. As part of a school project she wrote this song, and recorded it with help from her music tutor Jonny Avery. 

Anabel Jamieson and Magnum

Anabel Jamieson and Magnum Photo: supplied

Jonny was so impressed with the result he emailed Music 101 to let us know, saying "She wrote the lyrics, the chord progression, the melody - everything. We spent a few weeks on ‘Magnum’ and as her song was coming together and sounding really good, I suggested we go all out and record it in my home studio."

The song did the rounds at RNZ, resulting in one staff member clutching their chest and exclaiming "My heart!"

'Magnum' played on Music 101 to great response, and we've uploaded it here for you to download and enjoy.