2 Sep 2017

Hamilton rockers Devilskin deliver a massive show

From RNZ Music, 2:10 pm on 2 September 2017

Devilskin are bringing over Canadian band Cyco Sumo to support them on their upcoming national tour, as well as stand out local bands in each centre.

Devilskin have just returned from playing the UK's Download Festival, a heavy rock festival which attracts the biggest bands and fans of the genre from all over the world.

For drummer Nic Martin who is in his early twenties it was a big deal. 

"A term that’s thrown around a lot is dream come true but you can’t really sum it up any other way. Personally, I’ve grown up looking at the line ups coming in and thinking to myself, 'imagine seeing even two of these bands in New Zealand.'

"And then you get the call saying, 'do you want to play on the stage and play alongside these bands?' and then you get there and it’s everything you thought it would be and more."

The band are one of the best selling heavy rock acts in New Zealand with their second album selling gold and are slowly chipping away at building their fan base overseas. 

"We've done Germany twice now and they love it. They're all about it. We're not playing big places but we're packing them out. We're getting two hundred people, three hundred people, many of whom have only just discovered us."  

"We teamed up with a Canadian band (Cyco Sumo) who had been doing a very similar thing to us, going over there every six months or eight months and just doing the hard yards.

"Hooking up with local promoters and local bands and trying to make as big a night as they can in the hopes that next time they come back people who enjoyed the show will come back and bring all their friends." 

"So when we combined forces with them we were able to put on some pretty awesome packed nights." 

It worked so well that Devilskin are bringing Cyco Sumo over to New Zealand to support them on their latest National tour, and will also be featuring local bands in each centre to provide a big night out.  

Supporting in Christchurch, Setting fire to Stacey

Supporting in Mount Maunganui and Hamilton, Coridian

Supporting in Wellington, It's Curly's Jewels 

And in Auckland Devilskin will be supported by His Masters Voice

For all the tour details you can visit the Devilskin Facebook page.  

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