22 Jul 2017

Fusillade - 28 songs and 28 videos in 28 days

From RNZ Music, 2:10 pm on 22 July 2017
Eden Mulholland

Eden Mulholland Photo: Dru Faulkner

Prolific local songwriter Eden Mulholland (Motorcade) has decided to put himself out there in 2017. Having habitually horded all the songs and scraps of songs he has made over the years and kept them all to himself, he's decided to just set them all free. Fusillade is a collection of pieces of music he found on old hard drives that he has made music videos for and is releasing one a day for 28 days. 

He speaks to Music 101's Alex Behan about his wide ranging musical output and how he chooses which songs suit which of his many projects.


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