26 Apr 2017

Music 101 Pocket Edition 133

From RNZ Music, 4:00 pm on 26 April 2017

In this week's Music 101 Pocket Edition, we visit Grayson Gilmour at his studio, Teeth at their rehearsal space, and go deep with David Dallas, plus new music from locals Tei, Dbldbl, and Carb On Carb.


Grayson Gilmour at home

Grayson Gilmour at home Photo: John Lake/The Wireless

Music details

Artist: Suren Unka
Song: 030
Comp: Suren Unka
Album: N/A
Label: Dosing

Artist: Grayson Gilmour
Song: Hundred Waters
Composer: Gilmour
Album: RNZ live recording
Label: RNZ

Artist: Dbldbl
Song: 'Non-Stop Home And Away Omnibus'
Composer: DBLDBL
Album: 'Non-Stop Home And Away Omnibus'

Artist: Teeth
Songs: Glass Ceiling, Teeth
Composer: Teeth
Album: S/T
Label: Slow Boat Records

Artist: Carb On Carb
Song: Ma
Composer: Carb On Carb
Album: For Everest​/​Carb on Carb Split
Label: Black Wire Records

Artist: David Dallas
Songs: Fit in, Probably, Don't rate that
Composer: D. Dallas
Album: Hood Country Club
Label: Universal

Artist: Talib Kweli
Songs: 64 bars freestyle
Composer: T. Kweli
Album: n/a
Label: Red Bull

Artist: Scribe feat Con-psy & Savage
Songs: Not Many
Composer: P. Wadams, M. Luafutu
Album: The Crusader
Label: Dirty Records

Artist: Tei
Song: Ba$ic
Composer: Tei
Album: OMW
Label: Independent