4 Mar 2017

Are the kids down with the tunes?

From RNZ Music, 2:45 pm on 4 March 2017

Children’s Music often gets a bad rap, especially when repetitive, hokey rhymes and dinky instrumentation dangerously come together infecting the brains of sleep-deprived, short-tempered parents who just want one minute’s peace. 

For this year’s APRA Children’s Music nominees, RNZ Music visited Wellington’s Crossways Community Creche to road-test tunes for the under-age crowd that can also please adult ears. 

As the famous adage “never work with children and animals” is often uttered in film and television circles, and radio is not explicitly mentioned, we ploughed ahead in meeting the next generation Nick Bollingers to get their take on the music pitched at their wee ears.

And the winners are:

APRA Best Children's Song - 'We Like Pets!' by Ben Sinclair and Jeremy Dillon aka Moe and Friends
Recorded Music NZ Best Children's Album - Songs for Bubbas 2 by Anika Moa
NZ On Air Best Children's Music Video - 'Monstomping!' by Raymond McGrath

APRA Best Children's Song finalists:
- Itty Bitty Beats for Kiwi Convoy
- Levity Beet and Friends for Lie Down In The River
- Moe and Friends for We Like Pets!

Recorded Music NZ Best Children's Album finalists:
- Anika Moa for Songs for Bubbas 2
- Claudia Gunn for Little Wild Lullabies
- Itty Bitty Beats for On The Move

NZ On Air Best Children's Music Video finalists: 
- Itty Bitty Beats for Kiwi Convoy
- Moe and Friends for Cutting Shapes on the D-Floor
- Raymond McGrath for Monstomping!

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