14 Jan 2017

The making of Crowded House's Woodface - part 2

From RNZ Music, 3:00 pm on 14 January 2017
Crowded House and Jeremy Ansell

Crowded House and Jeremy Ansell Photo: Silke Hartung/NZ Musician magazine

Just over a quarter century ago, Crowded House released their third album, Woodface. Containing classic songs 'Fall At Your Feet' and 'Weather With You', it was a hit in Australasia and finally got the band into the charts in the UK.

In part two of our look back at the record, RNZ’s Jeremy Ansell talks to Neil Finn in the studio, plus Tim Finn and Nick Seymour via Skype. Naturally, their drummer the late Paul Hester is never far from everyone’s thoughts.

Finn Brothers demos (animation by The Next Episode in Sydney):

Music Details for Crowded House: Woodface - Part 2

Artist: Crowded House
Song: Italian Plastic
Song: I’m Still Here (full version)
Song: Four Seasons In One Day
Song: Tall Trees
Song: Weather With You
Song: It’s Only Natural
Song: All I AskSong: Whispers And Moans
Song: Chocolate Cake
Song: Weather With You
Album: Woodface (Deluxe Edition)
Label: Universal

Programme producer, engineer, presenter: Jeremy Ansell