24 Dec 2016

Live: A Girl Named Mo

From RNZ Music, 12:00 pm on 24 December 2016

Led by Moana Ete, A Girl Named Mo have spent 2016 making a name for themselves with a unique blend of electronic-R&B. Platonic\Romantic is an evolving body of work that examines relationships through musical storytelling.

"Love songs are almost always about Romantic love. About heartbreak and cheating and marriage, and it's only real love if it's physical and consummated type stuff. I'm just not always about that. Some of the most rewarding and important love stories for me are ones that don't include any of that, but just straight up, pure, platonic love. I guess the whole idea is what if Platonic and Romantic are just one in the same thing?” – Moana Ete

RNZ Music is proud to present Platonic\Romantic Live, song sketches recorded over six sold-out shows at Wellington’s BATS Theatre which provide a snapshot of Ete's varied and intelligent songs.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Songs included: Places Places, Stay Warm, Platonic, Mud and Stardust, Romantic, Round Two.

These songs will be re-imagined for A Girl Named Mo’s debut album Platonic\Romantic due in 2017.

A Girl Named Mo is Moana Ete, Marcus Gurtner & Slade Butler
Performed live at BATS Theatre
Audio: recorded & mixed by Andrew Downes
Video: Platonic (Live at Bats footage) shot & edited by Bradley Garner, lights by Haami Hawkins
Produced by Mikee Tucker & Maria Deere for Loop

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