19 Nov 2016

Behind the scenes of the New Zealand Music Awards

From RNZ Music, 2:00 pm on 19 November 2016

SWIDT Photo: Courtesy of SWIDT

It may have been Broods who took home the bulk of the Tuis at this year’s VNZMAs, but the artist everyone was talking about was Aradhna, who after saying she felt like she’d “been placed in the brown category”, refused to accept her Best Urban/ Hip Hop album win, instead giving it to Onehunga hip hop crew SWIDT.

SWIDT’s Smokey Got Beatz was caught off guard: “I’m just as shocked as everybody else! It’s a blessing. She felt like was boxed in, and she handed the torch down to somebody she thought deserved it.”

Elsewhere, Kings was reflective about his Breakthrough Artist award and wondered what lead to the massive popularity of Don’t Worry ‘Bout It: “I have no idea! If I knew the formula I’d write another one tomorrow.”

And with Broods in America it was left to producer Joel Little to accept their 5 awards. Speaking on the single “Heartlines”, Joel said “That was a song we wrote with Lorde, and it was just a very easy, enjoyable, organic experience. That song came out of the course of two days. Easy Peasy!”