19 Nov 2016

The Mixtape: Victoria Kelly

From RNZ Music, 5:00 pm on 19 November 2016

Victoria Kelly, film composer and APRA Director of Member Services is this week's mixtape selector. She takes us through a selection of classical and popular songs that she has discovered throughout her musical adventures.

Victoria Kelly

Victoria Kelly Photo: Gareth Watkins

Music details

Artist: Prince
Song: When Doves Cry
Composer: Nelson
Album: Purple Rain
Label: Warners

Artist: Elmer Bernstein
Song: Main Title
Composer: Bernstein
Album:  To Kill a Mockingbird OST
Label: Private

Artist: Joni Mitchell
Song: Amelia
Composer: Mitchell
Album: Hejira
Label: Asylum

Artist: Ornette Coleman
Song: Una Nuy Bonita
Composer: Coleman
Album: Change of the Century
Label: Atlantic

Artist: SJD
Song: Superman You're Crying
Composer: Donnelly
Album: Southern Lights
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: Aphex Twin
Song: Flim
Composer: James
Album: Come to Daddy
Label: Warp

Artist: Duke Ellington
Song: Come Sunday featuring Mahalia Jackson
Composer: Ellington
Album: Black, Brown, Beige
Label: Columbia

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