15 Nov 2016

Video premiere: The Nudge - Dark Arts

From RNZ Music, 7:00 am on 15 November 2016

RNZ Music is pleased to present the premiere of the video for 'Dark Arts' by The Nudge

"This Video shot by The Renegade Peach Project, for our single Dark Arts, is the outcome of friends and like-minded artists collaborating. 

Our main focus here was to play around the theme or themes of Dark Arts.

Initially when we had thought of ideas round the whole album and the images that we would use to portray its vibe, we imagined an element of the ocean and large waves, this tied into the nature of the record. A sonic ride on soundwaves ... a journey, as it were.

This formed the basis of the video. It would be both on land and in water, and would need to be psychedelic and open to interpretation.  

All filmed on location, Mark Russell's whanau patch on Great Barrier Island. Mark and Soph opened their home to us, and Great Barrier island is the backdrop to this visual journey.

The idea, that many worlds exist around us, and everything sees its place among the cross pollination, but inside Dark Arts, the pressure of fitting into a society or perhaps nature that does not resonate with you or your beliefs.

The element of water expands on this, that our world is not just on this soil, or below our feet, but look above there are the stars, and look into the multilayered universe of the ocean and you will find everything plays its part, perhaps reluctantly but fluently none the less. 

The tension of what hope can bring, and the visions that hope can inspire, versus the reality of our waking life, and the turmoil that each of us present to ourselves daily.

That in itself, is Dark Arts, of a greater thing, larger than us all, but not larger than the sum of its parts." 

 - The Nudge

Auckland  - Saturday 26th November, Whammy
Raglan - Sunday 27th November, Yot Club 
Wellington - Friday 2nd December San Fran