24 Sep 2016

Electric Wire Hustle - Last Man Standing

From RNZ Music, 2:30 pm on 24 September 2016
Electric Wire Hustle

Electric Wire Hustle Photo: Courtesy of Electric Wire Hustle

It’s been nearly a decade since Dave ‘Taay Ninh’ Wright, Mara TK and Myele Manzanza first came together to form hip-hop influenced future-soul group Electric Wire Hustle, whose debut release in 2009 won over critics and fans both here and abroad.

In 2013 the group’s creative core was depleted to two when drummer Manzanza left the band, but EWH continued to garner acclaim and tour extensively with their fleshed-out live band.

This year, in the lead up to the release of their third album The 11th Sky, it was announced that composer, producer and player Dave Wright was also leaving the group.

Melody Thomas invited Mara TK around for a cuppa, to find out how he feels to be the last man standing. 

Mara TK

Mara TK Photo: supplied

Music Details

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Song: Golden Ladder, Red Window, Ex Machina, Go Slow, I Light A Candle, The Border
Comp: Electric Wire Hustle
Album:  The11th Sky
Label: Loop