10 Sep 2016

Morning Report theme remixed on a DJ-808

From RNZ Music, 1:10 pm on 10 September 2016

Serato is a local company who have forged an international reputation in DJ software and hardware. Recently they were approached by Roland, the company behind some of the most commercially successful keyboards and drum machines in the world: The 808, the 606 the 909 … these are terms you might not recognise, but you would know the beats and sounds of these instruments from many songs you love. When the 808 was released Kraftwerk happened; hip hop happened.


Now the two companies have combined those drum machines with Serato's digital turntables to create the DJ808 machine. In a world first, RNZ Music was allowed 24 hours to play with one. We asked Jeremy Toy (Open Souls, She's So Rad, Leonard Charles) to have a play, and remix the RNZ Morning Report theme.

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