2 Apr 2016

We Are Temporary

From RNZ Music, 3:30 pm on 2 April 2016
We Are Temporary's Mark Roberts

We Are Temporary's Mark Roberts Photo: Courtesy of Mark Roberts

Previously based in Christchurch where he performed with The Enright House, Mark Roberts is a Brooklyn-based German--Kiwi-American who makes electronic music as We Are Temporary. Mark runs the Stars & Letters Records which has released music from Black City Lights and The Shocking Pinks, as well as We Are Temporary's single sampling an NYPD altercation leading to a man's death, and his remix of Kesha's Die Young which removes the production from Dr. Luke; whom Keisha has accused of sexual assault.

Mark speaks with Shaun D Wilson about his focus-grouped We Are Temporary album, Crossing Over.