27 Feb 2016

Horomona Horo x Alpha Steppa

From RNZ Music, 4:30 pm on 27 February 2016
Horomona Horo and Alpha Steppa

Horomona Horo and Alpha Steppa Photo: Mani Dunlop

On the West Coast beaches of Auckland, Taonga Puoro master, Horomona Horo, meets with UK dub producer, Alpha Steppa, bringing their two musical worlds together - in a project instigated by Tim Bailey of Tamaki Makaurau’s Lion Rockers Hi-fi reggae soundsystem.

Over 5 days (17th - 21st Feb) in Piha and Karekare Horomona and Alpha Steppa shared their stories, knowledge and art-forms to eventually create a 15-minute piece, combining the ethereal sounds of Taonga Puoro and the spiritual depth of roots and dub. The piece, Ipurangi, embodies the story of creation and takes the listener on a journey from Te Kore or the void to Te Po - the darkness and then to Te Ao Marama, the world of light.

Mani Dunlop sits in on the production process at musician Paddy Free’s home studio in Piha.

Music Details

Artist: Horomona Horo (NZ), Alpha Steppa (UK)
Song: Ipurangi
Composer: Horomona Horo (NZ), Alpha Steppa (UK)
Album: Ipurangi
Label: Steppas Records