12 Dec 2015

Introducing: The Naenae Express

From RNZ Music, 3:30 pm on 12 December 2015
The Naenae Express

The Naenae Express Photo: Courtesy of The Naenae Express

Name of project: The Naenae Express
Real names: Scott Kendall + Jonathan Pearce, Katie Everingham, Robert Bruce, Ben Locke, Ben de Klerk, Tom Leggett, Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway, Thomas Shoebridge, Ivan Luketina-Johnson, Rachael Elf, Elliot Lawless, Hugh Piesse, Lawrence Fergus Goodwin, Reuben Winter, Alexander Grant, Paul Brown, Mason Fairey, Richard Keith, JY Lee, Asher Truppman Lattie.
Age (of project): 1 year ish
Hometown: I’d like to say Naenae but Auckland
Associated acts: Righteous Filth Lizard & The Coprolites, Sea Views, Rewind Fields, Her Desher, Greenfog, Terracotta Cat
Sounds like: Decaying Jansen and melodic stories
Musical guilty pleasure: The Vengabus
Formative musical experience: A new one happens most weeks thanks to the honesty of many New Zealand acts, DJs and friends

Music Details

Artist: The Naenae Express
Song: Sea Anemone
Composer: S. Kendall
Album: Sean Anemone single
Label: The Naenae Express