22 Aug 2015

Munki Studio

From RNZ Music, 4:45 pm on 22 August 2015

Mike Gibson’s Munki Studios, has seen a host of artists through its heavy doors, including Shihad, Flight of The Conchords, Steriogram, Leila Adu, The Warratahs, Recloose, Rhombus, Upper Hutt Posse and So So Modern.

To celebrate the end of a Wellington music community hub, the Munki family are going out in style with The Munki Mash - a live stream concert featuring many of the acts who have recorded in these walls.

Ahead of the preparations Mike Gibson takes Yadana Saw on a tour of the soon-to-be demolished building and the stories behind it.

Music details

Artist: Fur Patrol
Song: Andrew
Composer: Julia Deans and Fur Patrol
Album: Pet
Label: Warner

Artist: Bailter Space
Song: Morning
Composer: Bailter Space
Album: Robot World
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Hasselhoff Experiment
Song: Perceived and Deceived
Composer: The Hasselhoff Experiment
Album: Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Recloose
Song: Mana's Bounce
Composer: M. Chicoine
Album: Hiatus On The Horizon
Label: Loop Recordings

Artist: The Illphonics
Song: One of Those Days
Composer: The Illphonics
Album: The Illphonics
Label: Capital Recordings

Artist: Steriogram
Song: Walkie Talkie Man
Composer: B. Carter, T. Kennedy, J. Wrennal, J. Adams, T. Youngson,
Album: Schmack!
Label: Capitol

Artist: Grayson Gilmour
Song: Chromosomes
Composer: G. Gilmour
Album: No Constellation
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Trinity Roots
Song: Little Things
Composer: Trinity Roots
Album: Trinity Roots EP
Label: Trinity Roots


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