1 Aug 2015

Average Rap Band

From RNZ Music, 2:30 pm on 1 August 2015
Average Rap Band

Average Rap Band Photo: Courtesy of Average Rap Band

Ditching the lyrics about string theory and Stephen Hawking that marked their former project, @Peace, Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau have delivered a palette cleanser in the form of the Stream of Nonsenseness EP, the fruits of their new partnership, Average Rap Band. The newly-formed rap duo talk to Sam Wicks about getting their bars up.

Music details

Artist: Te Aumihi Hapeta and Reiwhati Heremia
Song: Mother Mary, Good Dudes, Interlude, Long Spoons, Bending Spoons, What It Is
Composer: T.Scott, L.Tuiasau, H.Dicky
Album: Stream of Nonsenseness
Label: Young, Gifted and Broke