21 Apr 2015

Short Movie by Laura Marling

From RNZ Music, 7:31 pm on 21 April 2015

Nick Bollinger reviews a new album from the prolific Laura Marling.

Short Movies by Laura Marling album coverShort Movie, Laura Marling (Universal)

Laura Marling released her first album when she was just eighteen, and it presented a restless young singer-songwriter, aware of the tradition yet already asserting her own voice.

Now twenty-five, her fifth album features more of her powerful acoustic guitar picking and strong melodic songs, but also ventures into electric territory and a semi-spoken vocal delivery, showing that she is still restless and getting more daring every time.

Songs featured: Howl, Warrior, Short Movie, I Feel Your Love, False Hope, Strange, Gurdjieff’s Daughter, Sorry, Worship Me.