14 Apr 2015

Drylands by Mel Parsons

From RNZ Music, 7:30 pm on 14 April 2015

Melody Thomas enjoys the latest offering from singer/songwriter Mel Parsons.

Mel Parsons DrylandsIt’s been four years since the last full-length release from singer-songwriter Mel Parsons, and if it seems like she's spent the past few years almost entirely on the road that’s because she has. In the lead up to recording Drylands at Lee Prebble’s Surgery in Wellington, Parsons spent five weeks on the road with co-producer, guitar-playing bandmate and longtime touring musician Gerry Paul (Gráda). Which, in addition to all that performing, seems to have done great things for Parson’s songwriting. Her songs are more succinct and dynamic, and even Parsons’ voice sounds different - softer and completely effortless.

There are some beautiful songs on Drylands, and the album displays a newfound growth and maturity from Parsons in terms of her arrangements, writing and singing.

Songs Featured: Far Away, Another City, Driving Man, Alberta Sun, Don’t Wait, First Sign Of Trouble.

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