4 Apr 2015

Interview: Luzmila Carpio | WOMAD 2015

From RNZ Music, 3:30 pm on 4 April 2015

Luzmila Emma Martyn Photo BombEmma Smith and Luzmila Carpio, photobombed by Martyn Pepperell / Photo by Nick Bollinger at WOMAD Taranaki 2015

Former Bolivian ambassador to France, and cherished national treasure in her mountainous homeland, songstress Luzmila Carpio has become something of a roving cultural ambassador for Bolivia - singing the music of her mountainous homeland in Quechua, Aymara, Spanish and in other, non-human languages.

Luzmila Carpio joins Emma Smith to talk about her home in the mountains of Bolivia, her deep connection with nature, and how the birds, wind and waterfalls taught her to sing.

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