28 Mar 2015

Pokey LaFarge In Session

From RNZ Music, 3:00 pm on 28 March 2015

Pokey LaFarge ‘Goodbye Barcelona’ live at Radio NZ from Radio New Zealand on Vimeo.


Last in New Zealand just over a year ago for WOMAD Taranaki, North American roots musician Pokey LaFarge is back, and starts a six date tour with his band tonight in Auckland.

Drawing from a rich musical heritage of country, bluegrass, ragtime, dixieland and jazz, Pokey's music could well have been written in the 1930s, if it weren't for references to Healthcare plans, and phones 'buzzing'.

The smartly-dressed 31-year-old reflects on the resurgence of acoustic music in Western culture:

"The world is changing so fast now. People are reaching for more tangible things - something that's real, and they can explain. Acoustic guitar, acoustic music - it's real, it's honest, you can take it or leave it."

Music 101's Kirsten Johnstone hosts Pokey in session, playing two songs from his brand new album Something In The Water.

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Music Details

Artist: Pokey LaFarge
Songs: The Spark, Goodbye Barcelona
Composer: LaFarge
Album: RNZN Recording
Label: RNZN Recording