6 Dec 2014

Dictaphone Blues - Mufti Day

From RNZ Music, 3:24 pm on 6 December 2014

Dictaphone Blues and Anthonie Tonnon
Ed Castelow, left, and his interviewer Anthonie Tonnon share a meal.

Dictaphone Blues' Edward Castelow wrote, recorded and mixed almost every instrument on his new album, Mufti Day, an effort which required months of coffee fueled evenings in his room in the building of Mt Eden Studio The Lab.

Much of his creative advice came from Banished From The Universe record label manager Reuben Bonner, who also directed the band’s bodysurfing championship themed music video.

Anthonie Tonnon chats to Eddie to about the journey.

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Music Details

Artist: Dictaphone Blues
Song: Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave / Cryptic Lipstick / Prepaid Fare / Mufti Day / Lance’s Tape / Wink and Watch
Composer: Edward Castelow
Album: Mufti Day
Label: Banished From The Universe