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The Quazi family is one of New Zealand’s long standing and well respected within our New Zealand Muslim communities. Eminent Agricultural Scientist  Dr Hanif Quazi and his wife Razia emigrated to New Zealand in 1967. Originally from the remote Pathan village of Gunyar in the Swat Valley near Peshawar, Northern Pakistan, the Quazis’ found great contrast in their new lives here over four decades ago.  

Hanif and Razia’s six children are now adults with their own young families, living here and abroad. Both New Zealand and Pakistan born, the Quazi children have experienced life within the two vastly different countries. When their daughter Sumia returns with her husband and young daughter from Saudi Arabia, the resulting reunion with the extended family is hospitable, warm hearted and dynamic. A perfect opportunity for Lynda to learn more about family life, integration and the complexities of the Islamic faith in New Zealand.

Gallery: photographs from the Quazi family reunion.

nd daughter Hafsa with camera grandson Yusuf
Quazi family reunion, July 16 2011.