23 Aug 2003

Dianne Swann - Musical Chairs

From Musical Chairs, 3:30 pm on 23 August 2003

Musician Dianne Swann (later of The Bads) talks about her former bands When the Cats Away and The Julie Dolphin, who emerged in mid 90s London, overlapping the "Cool Britannia" scene and performing with Radiohead, Oasis, Greenday and others.

Musician Dianne Swann emerged as a member of Everything that Flies in the mid-eighties, and came to national prominence as a member of When the Cat's Away in 1988.
Here Swann talks about the band The Julie Dolphin, which was active in London in the early to mid-nineties, opening for bands such as Oasis, Greenday, Catatonia and Sleeper. The Julie Dolphin also toured twice with Radiohead, and Dianne sang backing vocals on the b-side song 'How Can You Be Sure', recorded during The Bends sessions.
The band changed record labels and name, with The Julie Dolphin becoming Boom Boom Mancini before Swann, along with music and life partner Brett Adams (earlier of The Mockers), returned to New Zealand in 2003 as The Bads.

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Music heard in Dianne Swann- Musical Chairs

Song Title, (composer) Artist ‘Album Title’, record company, CD serial number

'Roses' (D Swann/ B. Adams), The Julie Dolphin, Roses EP, Timbuktu, TIMBCD4
'Snake' (D Swann) The Julie Dolphin, Roses EP, Timbuktu TIMBCD4
'Birthday' (D Swann) The Julie Dolphin Lit, Timbuktu TIMBCD602
'F**ked Up Lullaby' (D Swann) The Julie Dolphin Lit, Timbuktu TIMBCD602
'Welcome Back Lust' (D Swann/B Adams) The Julie Dolphin Lit, Timbuktu TIMBCD602
'Street Spirit' (Live) Radiohead Live at the Astoria London  27.5.94 (DVD) MVP 4914183 EMI RECORDS
'How Can You Be Sure' Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees (CD Single1) Parlophone 7243 8 82161 28
'Bleeding Hearts' (D. Swann) Everything That Flies Bleeding Hearts (EP), Reaction, Reacts 027
'Two Girls' (D. Swann /B. Sheridan) Everything That Flies Bleeding Hearts (EP), Reaction, Reacts 027
'Super Model Human' (D Swann/ B Adams) Unreleased
'35 East Drive' (D Swann B Adams) Unreleased
'Give It A Rest' (D Swann B Adams) Unreleased
'Don't Go Losing' (D Swann) Unreleased
'Bush Fire Sunset' (D Swann) Unreleased
'Take It Away' (D Swann) Unreleased
'Trouble Rides A Fast Horse' (D Swann/ B Adams) Unreleased
'Melting Pot' (Cook,Greenaway) When the Cat's Away

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