1 Jun 2024

SWIDT on new album: “This is our art, this is our vessel, this is our voice to be heard”

From Music 101, 3:05 pm on 1 June 2024

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SWIDT’s Spycc and Boomer join Maggie Tweedie in the studio to talk about their new album Taking Care of Business. 

The hip hop crew that hailed from Auckland’s Onehunga have been keeping us guessing right throughout May - dropping new tracks and music videos almost every day of NZ Music Month. Yesterday, in a surprise release, SWIDT dropped the first long player album since 2017, with a message to their fans, “you can’t rush greatness”.

SWIDT's Spycc and Boomer with Maggie Tweedie

SWIDT's Spycc and Boomer with Maggie Tweedie Photo: