13 Jan 2024

Sonya Waters: 'I've always loved that lush, ethereal sound'

From Music 101, 1:30 pm on 13 January 2024
Sonya Waters

Photo: Ben Howe

Sonya Waters is a musician and producer who has fronted three New Zealand bands - Fang, The Instigators and White Swan Black Swan.

After starting out in the shoegaze scene she switched her attention to making ethereal ambient music.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Sonya recorded her album The Sheltering Ranges as an ode to Wellingtons’ ever-changing weather and striking landscapes.

RNZ’s Sonja Ishimnikova visited Sonya’s studio to find out what music means to her and about her career. 

Sonya Waters is the current artist in residence at Pyramid Club in Wellington and hosts and open studio on Saturday 13th January between 2pm and 4pm.