19 Nov 2022

Dartz: 'The Band from Wellington, New Zealand'

From Music 101, 2:30 pm on 19 November 2022

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Wellington band DARTZ are one of the latest local band to sign to Flying Nun Records - and just weeks ago released their debut album.

The band consist of guitarist Crispy, bassist Clark Mathews, drummer Rollyz, and vocalist Danz - who as well as writing lyrics and singing - also designs all the band art and created the clever political comic ‘Yee Ha The Boys’. 

The four-piece, established in 2019 and have quickly cemented themselves as one of Aotearoa’s fastest, hilarious, up-and-coming rock acts 

Dartz 'The Band from Wellington'

Dartz 'The Band from Wellington' Photo: Vanessa Cone

The Band from Wellington, New Zealand is a collection of eight of their fans’ favourite DARTZ hits (newly re-recorded at Roundhead Studios), as well as two previously unrecorded songs 

Charlotte Ryan spoke to Danz - singer, writer and illustrator of YeeHawTheBoys comics.

Dartz head off on tour in December Tickets here & tour dates below:

Thursday 1st December - The Crown, Dunedin

Friday 2nd December - Space Academy, Christchurch

Saturday 3rd December - Last Place, Hamilton (free show)

Wednesday 7th December - Meow, Wellington (supporting The Chats)*

Sunday 11th December - Galatos, Auckland (supporting The Chats)*