21 May 2022

NZMM Heardle developer James Mac

From Music 101, 1:40 pm on 21 May 2022

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Have you heard of HEARDLE? Similar concept to the word game WORDLE- except its music. You have 5 turns to guess the artist and name of the song - the faster you get it - the more points you earn. New Zealander James Mac has created a 100% NZ Music Heardle for NZ Music Month - Its been so fun to play - Especially if you think you know your nz music. 

We chat to James Mac the brilliant creator of the NZMM Heardle app 

NZMM Heardle

NZMM Heardle Photo: Jana Te Nahu Owen

Listen to the intro, then find the correct NZMM song in the list. Sometimes the autocomplete gets a bit bogged down - refreshing should sort it :)

Skipped or incorrect attempts unlock more of the intro.

Answer in as few tries as possible and share your score!