21 May 2022

The Making of Dimmer's 'I Believe You Are A Star'

From Music 101, 4:00 pm on 21 May 2022

Twenty-one years after the launch of Dimmer's sensational 'I Believe You are a Star', Shayne Carter and drummer Gary Sullivan recount the stories that led to the creation of one of RNZ Music team's favourite local albums of this century.

Dimmer - I Believe You are a Star album cover

Photo: Dimmer - I Believe You are a Star

Reminiscing on the creation of the hit album, Carter said part of it was a form of expressing his annoyance at the sycophantic behavior displayed by one of the big American bands at a Big Day Out.

"I guess it was a commentary on fame and people being anointed as being stars and the kind of calling out, the base ridiculousness of that."

Fame or commerical success were never a primary factor in creating good art for Sullivan either.

"When we're developing this thing, there was no commercial consideration at all, and which is why Sony probably dropped us after the record. But that wasn't the point. It was just to make a really strong piece of work that I liked, that we liked.

"When I listen back to all the various records I've made that's one of the ones that I was involved in that I still really like and I think it doesn't smell like 2001 to me.

"Some records they stay in the time that they made but that one it still feels good," said Sullivan.

Carter agrees with this.

"I still really like it and yeah, I'm really proud of that record actually and to me it still sounds good and the material is still fun to play."

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