21 Aug 2021

The Mixtape: Roger Shepherd

From Music 101, 4:00 pm on 21 August 2021

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Our guest on The Mixtape this week is Flying Nun Records founder Roger Shepherd.

A music fan who decided that someone should be recording the bands he loved to watch each weekend - Roger decided to begin Flying nun Records in Christchurch City in 1981.

Armed with this idea and a mere $50, Flying Nun Records went on to document one of the most diverse and interesting bodies of music in New Zealand - and, some would say, the world.

Flying Nun is one of the great rock 'n' roll stories, full of big personalities, high ideals, opportunities both seized and lost, and so much amazing music. 

Rodger opens up about the early Flying Nun years, his thoughts on the label now, and chooses a great selection of Flying Nun tunes. 

Rogers Mixtape


The Verlaines: Death and the Maiden

Look Blue Go Purple: Cactus Cat

The Bats: In the Subway

Shayne Carter: Crystallator

Aldous Harding: Party

Vera Ellen: YOU!