3 Jul 2021

The Doors' drummer John Densmore on the 50th anniversary of LA Woman

From Music 101, 12:10 pm on 3 July 2021

We pay tribute to The Doors' iconic 1971 album LA Woman. Drummer John Densmore joins Charlotte Ryan on the phone, and as you'll hear he's quite a character.

As well as doing many interviews on The Doors for years, Densmore has worked hard to protect the band's legacy and brand.

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The Doors formed in Los Angeles in 1965 with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, and drummer John Densmore

They are one of the best-selling bands of all time, and many rate them as being one of the most famous bands of all time.

But there was controversy surrounding the band. Some didn't like or appreciate Jim Morrison's lyrics, voice or stage persona.

While many musicians of the time were singing about love and peace, Jim Morrison was singing about fear, death, loneliness, and Isolation.

LA Woman was recorded in the band's rehearsal space in LA in late 1970 - as you will hear, after the tracks were recorded, Jim Morrison left the studio, took off to Paris where he died shortly after the album's release.

On 3 July 1971, Jim Morrison was found dead in Paris, France.

Cause of death for the singer-songwriter-poet was given as a heart attack, however as you will hear Jim Morrison's lifestyle was swirling out of control.

Jim Morrison's final recording session with the Doors - making LA Woman - was done in the band's rehearsal space on Sunset Boulevard in LA  - in order to provide a nice relaxed setting but also to save big studio costs. 

The band installed a mixing console, bought in gear and due to the lack of a vocal booth, Jim Morrison recorded his vocals in the bathroom. They also called in Elvis Presley's bassist and rhythm guitarist.