30 Oct 2020


From Music 101, 2:15 pm on 30 October 2020

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 Auckland underground superstars Imugi Imugi are duo Carl Ruwhiu and Yery Cho. They released their first EP Vacasian in 2017, a journey into the "diasporic-Asian-girl-psyche" and the healing it takes to go from self-consciousness to self-awareness. Their just-released Dragonfruit EP furthers that narrative.

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Carl Ruwhiu and Yery Cho's music combines late 90s downbeat and trip-hop, smooth synth-pop, and the bounce of modern R&B. With roots in South Korea and Aotearoa, Imugi explore the complex issues that migrant women of colour face, with the goal of embracing multiculturalism and challenging Eurocentric structures. The duo have played many acclaimed shows, from Laneway, to Rhythm & Vines, as well as supporting acts such as Confidence Man and Cosmo's Midnight.

Imugi 's new single 'Somebody Else' sparks a new era for Carl and Yery - it's their first new release this year. The track is taken from their sophomore release, 7-track EP Dragonfruit, which came out yesterday. Charlotte Ryan spoke with the pair about their musical journey so far, and how Korean folk tales influence their music.