5 Sep 2020

The Sampler H.C McEntire

From Music 101, 1:30 pm on 5 September 2020

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H.C Mcentire (Also known as Heather Mcentire) was born and raised in rural South Carolina in a farming community. Her parents were evangelical Christians who exposed her to gospel music, bluegrass and Christian music. It wasn't until Mcentire went to college that she felt free enough to come out as gay, take a step away from her Christian upbringing and embrace punk rock music.

She is best known as a member of indie bands Mount Moriah and Bellafea. Through her solo work Mcentire attempts to combine her different influences. Her 2018 debut solo album Lionheart explored her country music background against the indie rock style of her bands.

Nick Bollinger reviews Lionheart on this weeks episode of The Sampler.