18 Jul 2020

Kora return with secret lovers and new band members

From Music 101, 1:20 pm on 18 July 2020

It's been eight years since Kora's last album. Founding members Fran Kora and Dan McGruer explain why it's been a while.

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It might have been a while since the album was released but they never stopped making music.

"The new lineup we have is super exciting and it's a fresh injection  of what direction we want to go in ... we're a lot older and wiser and we've crafted our direction in terms of sound.

"Still heavy, still funky, still very much our sound."

Kora live

Kora live Photo: Supplied

The latest collection of songs have been a while in the making.

"People ask 'Album, album, when is the album coming out'... if you watch the trend of music and I asked you when was the last time you bought an album - most people would be like 'I don't buy albums'."

So instead, the band is releasing singles and an EP - it's giving them time to put love into the music - and it's fun.

Kora at Womad 2019

Kora at Womad 2019 Photo: Supplied

They're about to get back on stage too, and are looking forward to playing live music to an audience again.

"As hōhā as the Covid-19 has been, its been a blessing for the local music industry beacuse there are a lot of international acts that come in and steal our thunder you know.

"So now they can't come in, everyone is just hungry to listen to music, and New Zealand music is awesome."

The band's new single, 'Secret Lover', is a story about being unfaithful - you can watch it at the top of this story.