19 Aug 2017

Music 101 Pocket Edition 150: Apple Music/Kirin J Callinan/Moana

From Music 101, 5:00 pm on 19 August 2017

In the Music 101 Pocket Edition,we talk to Victoria Banks who has started an online petition asking Apple Music to include liner notes on their streaming platform. Tony Stamp hosts a live session with pop absurdist Kirin J Callinan, and Rob Ruha is on the line from LA where he's just wrapped on the te reo version of Disney's Moana.

Music details

Artist: Kokoko!
Song: Tokoliana
Composer: Kokoko!
Album: Tokoliana/ L.O.V.E.
Label: Bandcamp

Artist: Wilco
Song: All Lives, You Say?
Composer: Jeff Tweedy
Album: All Lives, You Say?
Label: Bandcamp

Artist: Kirin J Callinan
Song: Family Home/ Bravado
Composer: Krin J Callinan
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i
Song: We Know The Way
Composer: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i
Album: Moana soundtrack
Label: Disney

Artist: Norman Meehan, Hannah Griffen ,Bill Manhire
Song: The Hawk
Composer: Norman Meehan, Hannah Griffen ,Bill Manhire
Album: The Hawk
Label: Independent