10 Sep 2016

The Mixtape: Team RNZ Music's Spring Selections

From Music 101, 4:05 pm on 10 September 2016
Young Thug, Preoccupations, Aaradhna, Orchestra of Spheres, Bon Iver

Young Thug, Preoccupations, Aaradhna, Orchestra of Spheres, Bon Iver Photo: Supplied

As we emerge from a rather mild winter and into the unpredictable meteorological whims of  New Zealand springtime, the RNZ Music team have been keeping their ears warm with the musical releases and themes of the past few months. With the surprise new album drops that peppered the early half of 2016 slowing down, this fresh crop is a collection of  tracks that feature layers, space, and vocal trickery.

Team RNZ Music present their spring selections:

Bon Iver - 33 "GOD"

Kirsten Johnstone: It has so many layers to it, I could listen to it 10 times in a row and find different elements every time.

Young Thug - Kanye West ft. Wyclef Jean

Sam Wicks: In his hands rap music becomes yelps and squawks, he strangulates vowels. This is post-verbal rap music.

Frank Ocean - Nikes

Alex Behan - If you press play, go-to-woah it is an emotional experience. He's just there, he's raw and right in front of you.

Blood Orange - E.V.P.

Yadana Saw: The first time I listened to it I was annoyed, and now it's on repeat on my headphones. It's dense. It's beautiful. It wears its influences hard on its sleeve. I hate-liked it.

Preoccupations - Memory

Zac Arnold: I love the record itself but Memory is an exciting and heady listen. It's a really rewarding listen.

Matthew Hindson - Love Serenade

David Houston: The intent of the song is purely to bring the expressive joy of the bassoon - trying to prove that an orchestral instrument can sing.

Shayne P. Carter - Mat

Kirsten Johnstone: It builds like a piece of musical theatre, it reminds me of Les Miserables when Javert throws himself off the bridge.

Orchestra of Spheres - Anklung Song

Yadana Saw: It encompasses all the elements I love about this band. It's trancy, worldy and there's a biscuit tin banjo in there!

Shiraz and LSJ - Sumtymes

Zac Arnold: It reminds of me of walking down K'Rd on a late afternoon with nothing to do and I can't wait to hear what these guys come up with

New York Polyphony performing G. Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli (Mass for Pope Marcelli)

David Houston: This is probably one of the top three pieces of music from the years 1500 to 1650. They treat it in such a pristine and delicate way. But it's so effortless.

Aaradhna - Brown Girl

Sam Wicks: The song is a huge torch song that addresses the issues of being biracial in New Zealand.

Alex Behan: It's probably the biggest local song of the year for me. This is her big album.

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Music details

Artist: Bon Iver
Song: 33 "GOD"
Composer: Justin Vernon
Album: 22, A Million
Label: Jagjaguwar

Artist: Young Thug
Song: Kanye West Ft. Wyclef Jean
Composer: Williams, Cross, Glass, Jean
Album: Jeffery
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Frank Ocean
Song: Nikes
Composer: Ocean, Kieth, Palmer, Palmer, Palmer
Album: Blond
Label: Boys Don't Cry

Artist: Blood Orange
Song: E.V.P.
Composer: Devonte Hynes
Album: Freetown Sound
Label: Domino Records

Artist: Preoccupations
Song: Memory
Composer: Preoccupations
Album: Preoccupations
Label: Jagjaguwar

Artist: Orchestra of Spheres
Song: Anklung Song
Composer: Orchestra of Spheres
Album: Brothers and Sisters of The Black Lagoon
Label: Fire

Artist: Shiraz & LSJ
Song: Sumtymes
Composer: B. Rangi-Dixon, L. Taylor, A. Tuteao
Album: Jive Days
Label: Grow Room

Artist: Shayne P. Carter
Song: Mat
Composer: Carter
Album: Offsider
Label: Private

Artist: Matthew Hindson
Song: Love Serenade
Composer: Hindson

Artist: Aaradhna
Song: Brown Girl
Composer: A.Patel, J.Scott
Album: Brown Girl
Label: Universal Music