7 Apr 2015

Music 101 Pocket Edition 34

From Music 101, 3:00 pm on 7 April 2015

surfcity cropped
Surf City / Photo supplied

In the Music 101 Pocket Edition 34: The construction and deconstruction of Surf City, Faith No More preview new material, Bolivian national treasure Luzmila Carpio and Seth Frightening in session.

Music Details

Artist: Blonde Redhead
Song: Mind To Be Had
Composer: Blonde Redhead
Album: Barragan
Label: Kobalt Music Group

Artist: Surf City
Song: Beat The Summer Heat, Hollow Veins, Spec City, Leave Your Worries
Composer: Surf City
Album: Jekyll Island
Label: Fire Records

Artist: Melody’s Echo Chamber
Song: Some Time Alone, Alone
Composer: Prochet
Album: Melody’s Echo Chamber
Label: Fat Possum

Artist: Faith No More
Song: Superhero
Composer: Faith No More
Album: Soul Invictus
Label: Liberation, Ipecac Recordings

Artist: Yma Sumac
Song: Chuncho (forest creatures)
Album: The Very Best of Yma Sumac

Artist: Luzmila Carpio
Song: Ch'uwa Yaku Kawsaypuni, Pachamamata T'ikanchasun, Arawi, Warmip Kawysayin
Composer: Carpio
Album: Yuyay Jap'ina Tapes
Label: Almost Musique

Artist: Seth Frightening
Song: Hospital Beach, Laughter
Composer: S. Kelly
Album: RNZN Recording
Label: RNZN Recording

Artist: Kane Strang
Song: The Web
Composer: Strang
Album: Blue Cheese
Label: Self Release